Skincare has been a trending topic the past year or two and I am here for it.

Frankly, I have never been a huge fan of makeup. That’s probably because I have never been all that good at it, so I have stuck with the “less is more” mentality. In order to do so, I started paying better attention to all the skincare hype and tested out a few things to see what would work for me.

First and foremost, I must admit I have never really struggled with acne. I have been very fortunate to have generally clear skin with the minor break out here and there.


When I started on my healthy-skin journey, I realized that what I was (and wasn’t) consuming had a HUGE impact on my skin health.

In the past year I have started cutting out dairy and gluten. Along with those, I also started limiting my sugar intake. Let me tell ya, this has worked wonders for me! I have noticed that my skin has started to clear up and is less oily than it was before.

Along with eliminating certain foods from my diet, I also started taking better care of my gut health in general. When I interned at Vital Proteins, I learned more about the gut and how skin health is a direct reflection of gut health. From there I did more research on what a “healthy gut” was and I came to a conclusion on what I could do to better my personal gut health.

I started first by drinking more water. Not only does consuming your recommended daily value of water help your gut, but it also hydrates your skin and helps keep it soft and glowy. I also started taking a daily pro- and prebiotic supplement to help regulate the bioflora in my gut. After a few weeks of taking a pro- and prebiotic I could tell that my skin was clearer and my digestion was better. On a weekly basis, I also try to take a few servings of collagen (from VP of course) in the form of a matcha or coffee. I have noticed that this helps not only my skin stay tight and glowy, but it also has made my hair and nails much stronger!

As for products I use on my skin, I still follow the “less is more” mentality.


My AM routine:

My PM routine:

On a weekly basis I will also do one or two of the following:

Short and simple, but it works for me!

What is your daily skincare routine or any tips & tricks you swear by for skin health? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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