Hi there!Jennifer Corinna Holloway

My name is Jennifer Corinna Holloway, but I go by Jen. You’ll also see my middle name, Corinna, around here a lot. That’s because I am pretty proud to share that name with my beautiful paternal grandmother. 

I received my BA in Advertising/Public Relations and Marketing from Loyola University Chicago. I am a born and raised Wisconsinite with an unfortunate intolerance to dairy and a natural affinity for beer and the Green Bay Packers. I enjoy my coffee sweet and my margaritas spicy with a side of chips & guac. 

Squeezed into my slightly above average 5’5” being is a lot of passion. Passion for communication. Passion for healthy living. Passion for art and expression. Passion for tacos (seriously, check it out here & here).

My background is in health-focused CPG marketing, as a past intern at Vital ProteinsCHOMPS. After graduation I interned in the PR/Social department at Cramer-Krasselt. Clients included PepsiCo, Benihana, TreeHouse Foods, and T. Marzetti. 

When I am not sharing my love for health and wellness or reading about the newest innovations in Ad/PR and Marketing, you can find me bopping around to my favorite taco shops in Chicago.


Interested in how I blend my interests? Check out my blog.

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